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peony-garden 牡丹园-Garden on lake.jpg

Peony Garden

This signature garden will be devoted to Chinese peonies. In late spring, visitors can observe the tree peonies that originated in China and herbaceous peonies in full bloom.

peony-pavillion 牡丹亭 .jpg

Peony Pavilion

This traditional, six-sided pavilion is located at the eastern end of the Long Corridor and has views of the entire Peony Garden. Visitors can look back across the lake to view the Ge Garden and the Mountain House of Sliced Stone.

corridor文化长廊 - Cultural Corridor.jpg

Cultural Corridor

Located on the northern edge of the lake, the Cultural Corridor leads visitors from the Ge Garden and Mountain House of Sliced Stone to the Peony Garden, the Five-Pavilion Terrace, and the footpath around the lake. The outer side of the corridor is partially enclosed by stone tablets that are engraved with ancient Chinese poems written in different styles of calligraphy. The inner wall of the Cultural Corridor is open to the elements.

square-方亭 - Square Pavilion.jpg

Square Pavilion

The Square Pavilion is a wooden, open-air structure located at the beginning of the Long Corridor. From here, visitors can enjoy a view across the lake.

魔湖 - Enchanted Lake.jpg

Enchanted Lake

This 1.7-acre lake is the heart of the China Garden. A footpath winds around the lake, connecting the various buildings and garden features. The lake is 3 to 6 feet deep and has a natural clay bottom. Chinese trees such as the weeping willow line the edges of the lake.

太极花台 - Tai-Chi Isle.jpg

Tai-Chi Isle

A planting of flowering lotus and water lilies forms a ying-yang circular pattern in the center of the lake.

曲桥 - Zigzag Bridge.jpg

Zigzag Bridge

Visitors can enjoy and feed fish in the water on the Zigzag Bridge, which is the main structure in the site of Fish Viewing in Flowers, a reflection of Chinese traditional pet culture.

花港观鱼 - Fish Viewing in Flowers.jpg

Fish Viewing in Flowers

Fish Viewing in Flowers used to be one of the top ten scenes of West Lake, Hangzhou, Zhejiang province of China. Featured by flowers, harbor and fish, the scene, rich in rustic charm of nature, implies the harmony between mankind and nature.

远香堂 - Floating Fragrance Hall.jpg

Floating Fragrance Hall

Sitting at the highest point in the China Garden, the Floating Fragrance Hall provides an unobstructed view of the entire garden and surrounding area. A feature in the Humble Administrator’s Garden in Suzhou, Jiangsu province of China, the Floating Fragrance Hall, adjacent to lotuses in the lake, signifies Chinese people’s pursuit of integrity among arduous times for thousands of years.

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