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Crane Pavilion

The Crane Pavilion is an open-air pavilion that sits at the top of the massive spring rockery in the northwestern portion of the Ge Garden. Visitors can look out over the rockery and small pool to view the Joyful Rain Pavilion and the Finding Phrase Corridor.


Embracing Mountain Building

The Embracing Mountain Building is the largest structure and the only two-story building in the China Garden. It has facilities on the lower level for meetings, seminars, lectures and banquets. The upper level has an area for exhibitions of Chinese arts and crafts and special events.


Gentle Ripple Pavilion

A traditional six-sided, open-air pavilion at the base of the summer rockery, the Gentle Ripple Pavilion is designed for rest and introspection. Visitors have clear views of the Embracing Mountain Building, the Joyful Rain Pavilion, and the Four Seasons Pool.


Touching Cloud Pavilion

In the northeastern part of the Garden, the open-air Touching Cloud Pavilion rests on top of the extensive summer rockery. Its commanding view of the entire area and all of the buildings gives visitors the feeling of floating above the China Garden.

个园 -四季假山.jpg

Four Seasons Rockeries

The interior courtyard features the most extensive rockery in the China Garden, highlighting the four seasons of the year. Upon entering the Ge Garden, visitors see an array of stones and early flowering plants signifying spring. The path leads them to another rockery whose colors and plants symbolize summer. In the northeastern portion of the courtyard, red, orange and yellow boulders adorned with autumn foliage represent fall. Visitors end their journey in front of the winter rockeries and a wall with strategically placed round, open windows allow for the sound of winter winds to be heard.


Joyful Rain Pavilion

A Qing-style building that lies in the heart of the Ge Garden, the Joyful Rain Pavilion has traditional Ming and Qing dynasty furnishings typical of a Chinese living room. The main theme of the interior will focus on bamboo culture. The furniture is complimented with various works of art, including scrolls, paintings and viewing stones.


Breezy and Moonlit House

The Breezy and Moonlit House is a charming building and a central feature of the winter portion of the Ge Garden. Here visitors can hear the sound of the wind and, on certain evenings, view moonbeams filtering through the portals in the wall. Inside, the furniture is adorned with bamboo motif or engravings. Painted screens with poems and phrases as well as handicrafts made from bamboo hang on the walls.


Finding Phrase Pavilion

Finding Phrase Pavilion, situated in the Southwest of Spring Scenery, Ge Garden, is ideal for relishing both spring and summer sceneries, and for visitors to search and recite wonderful phrases. It will also be a location for a gift shop offering souvenirs and books about Chinese gardens, plants, arts and culture.

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