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五亭台 - Five-Pavilion Terrace -Urban Fores

Five-Pavilion Terrace

Based upon a traditional stone bridge with five large pavilions that cross Slender West Lake in Yangzhou, China, the five pavilions comprising this feature form a perfect harmony with the landscape. It commands a view down the sloping hillside of the lake, Ge Garden, and Mountain House of Sliced Stone. The pavilions are open to the elements, allowing visitors to enjoy the breezes of spring, summer, and autumn.

白塔 - White Pagoda - Urban Forest.jpg

White Pagoda

Associated with traditional Buddhism, this elegant structure is based upon a similar White Pagoda overlooking Slender West Lake in Yangzhou, China. The outer walls are decorated with brick carvings of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals, and the tower shows the multi-racial harmony of the Chinese culture. Outdoor lights illuminate the Pagoda at night.

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